The Truth: Buyer 002

Since a few months ago, I've been receiving emails from Sista Closette, telling me about their updates, sales, etc. The thing is, I never signed up or been asked to signed up their mailing list and I didn't buy anything from them also, then how's my email will be subscribed to their mailing list?? I guess they steal or get my email from the cbox from the other blogshops where I might have inquired on some items. I understand that they want more more explosures for their blogshop, but it is ok for sending one time but not keep on continue sending even I've asked them to remove me from their mailing list (at least 2-3 times I've asked them to unsubscribe me)!!

Sista Closette, if you're reading this, please unsubscribe me for real this time, thanks ya!

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Clarification received from Sista Closette
Hi De Fashion News,

Thank you for notifying us.

First of all, we would like to apologized for any inconvenience caused to anyone. Usually when we receive any emails regarding removing them off the mailing list, we will do it on the spot to remove it. If we didn't do so, maybe because we missed out that email. We have also thoroughly check through our inbox, and we cannot find any multiple emails for a same buyer asking to remove her from the mailing list. May we know what's your email address so that we can remove you? So sorry to cause any trouble to you. Hope you understand.

Sista closette
* To voice out your e-shopping experiences as the above, click here for details.

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