Slimming Tips

Weight control has always been a problem for everyone. In this article, we are here to make sure everyone can still fit into their old dresses by sharing few useful slimming tips here.

Tip 1: Water Power
Did you realise that by drinking a glass of water before you eat a meal could decrease your appetite? The result will be that you’ll have a harder time eating too much since your stomach is full of water. Besides, drink more water will keep us away from dehydration during this extreme weather.

Tip 2: Evening tea.
Join Mad Hatter’s tea party, Woooho! Why? This is similar to the first one. Often in the evenings, we’ll start feeling hungry. If you give in to this temptation, that’s where the trouble begins because it's almost guaranteed that whatever you eat in the evening will be added on as extra bodyweight since you won't have time to work off the calories consumed. So have an evening tea break and you won't be able to eat more during dinner.

Tip 3: Eat more often.
By eating five to six small to medium sized meals per day, you will prime your metabolism to burn calories faster than you would if you eat three meals a day. It will also fix the your problem so calleditchy mouth.

Tip 4: Always exercise.
It's important to engage in some form of strength training and cardio based exercise. Strength training builds lean muscle, which burns calories at a faster rate. And cardio helps to quickly burn excess calories.

Tip 5: Early big meals.
Many people eat their biggest meal in the evening. As such, your body has limited time to make use of the tremendous calorie dump from that large evening meal. You simply won't do enough physical activity in the evening as our body's biorhythm usually slows down. Those excess calories will turn into fat.


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