The Truth: Buyer 001

Hello Defnewz,

This is May, and this is the first time I came across Defnewz (De Fashion Newz) where there's a place named The Truth for buyers / sellers to use it as a platform to show our angriness regards our bad online shopping experiences and to share our good e-shopping experiences here.

I can still clearly recall my memory back to early of Feb 2010 where I came across a blogshop named LadiesFash. I was interested to buy few items from their site that time and as usual I sent my order in. After 7 days sent in my order, yet I got no reply from them. I guess the blogshop owner was too busy to reply or miss out my order, so I resent my order in again and again.

Guess what? The LadiesFash only replied me on the fourth email I sent in on early of Mar 2010.

CM32c Pink RM25 -- available colour: green, pink (sold), blue, grey
Belt18a Black / White RM20 -- ok
Belt13a RM22 -- no more
CB27a RM15 -- no more dear
AV7 Black RM18 > no more dear, only Pink
BX1b Blue RM12 -- size?
BX2a Pink RM12 -- size?
B1a Black + White RM20 -- ok
above dear..
sorry dear,
not sure why didn't notice your previous mail T_T~~
However, I was so so so upset with their reply after my order sent in for a month plus, so I decided to pull my order back by replying them that I'm no longer interested to place my order with them.

Lastly, I hereby would like to state that everything I stated here is 100% truth and I apologize should there be anything that I said are offensive or misjudged in anyway.

- May -

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Clarification received from LadiesFash
Hey dear

I really not sure why I didnt reply in this mail, not sure why this email uncomplete,
I am afraid we have some technical problem
Because sometime customer reply me regarding uncomplete mail,like the acc send half, or write RM didnt write anything~and blank email too
So they will reply me again and sure I reply again to them
well, Every mail I will reply within 24 hours, some time internet problem will reply within 2-3days, wont miss any mail ,cus all tick reply
my blog also stat below
Who havent received my email,please resend~~
thanks a lot
because too many enquiry,afraid miss out someone.. hope this won't happen ^^
Lastly,sorry to let u have a bad shopping experience
I hope it wont happen in the future~~


* To voice out your e-shopping experiences as the above, click here for details.


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