Korean Diet Secrets

Korean women are famous for their slim body and tall.

And the Korean men are well known for their fitness.

How Korean women and men stay fitness? Here are some "Korean Diet Secrets":
- They eat a lot of fish.
- This diet comprises of all the nutrients in a proper ratio.
- It limits your cholesterol consumption as well.
- While the Europeans strive to cut the carbohydrates in their food, the Koreans have an upper hand as their food comprises of 70% good carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and rice.
-The fat content in their meals is also balanced that is 13%.
- The proteins are some what similar to the Europeans that is 14 to 17%.
- Their diet does not have any sugar while the usual European meals have 15% sweeteners. Also these people realize the importance of peace and relaxation inn their lives and they actively work towards spiritual peace in the form of yoga, meditation, etc. They lead almost a stress free life that adds to their health & emotional quotient as well.
- Korean likes to eat Kimchi. Korean Kimchi - Kimchi, sometimes spelled 'kimchee', is a basic staple of the Korean diet.


Okuma | 12.8.10

The link between weight loss and tea antioxidants becomes even stronger when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

t | 21.12.10

They don't live stress free lives. In fact, Koreans from a young age learn to live up to the demands of the competition in academics, in the market, to their looks... "because the land is so small."
Believe me, Korea is a tough place to grow up in.

jaysparks | 22.4.11

I wish their were more specific guidelines for diets and exercise, my life would be that much more organized. aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ahhhhhhhhh, booooooooo. end of tantrum.

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