Advertising with Defnewz

Some FAQ about advertising on Defnewz:

I want more traffic in my site!! Where can I advertise?
* Banner Ads
* Sponsored Link & Premium Sponsored Link in our Article
* Advertorial Article

Why should I advertise?
* We are Malaysian fashion and lifestyle blogazine that having most of the readers from Malaysia. We have a list of e-shopping directory that operating in Malaysia, and currently all e-shops get to be listed for free on our e-shopping directory and reach out to a majority of tech savvy ladies who loves to shop!

But I can get listed for free, why advertise?
* This is because, you would want to stand out from the whole list of e-shops!

Who is your viewers?
* Our viewers and targeted demographic are:
- Girls / women between age of 15-35 years
- Students from Secondary, College and Undergraduate level
- Young working adults
- Guys / men between age of 15-30 years
- Housewives

How much do I have to pay for advertising here?
* We have many advertisements slots:
- (Ads A) Banner Ads: RM20 per month
- (Ads B) Sponsored Link & Premium Sponsored Link in our Article: RM10 per article
- (Ads C) Advertorial Article: RM30 per article

I don't know how to design my own advertisement banner, so how?
* Hire an expert to help you then! We do provide banner design service from as low as RM20, mail us at for the service.

More information?
Email us at for more advertising details.

How to place an advertisement order?
* Email us your advertisement order with the following to
Advertisement Order Form
Contact No:
Site Name:
Site URL:
Advertisements Slots: Ads A / Ads B / Ads C


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