The Truth

"The Truth" is a place where both buyers and sellers can voice out their opinion, their experiences on e-shopping, and letting Defnewz and the readers endeavour to find out the truth.

What is it all about?
* Buyers: Being scammed? Experienced a bad services from an e-shop? Express it here! Worthy services and good deal from an e-shop? Share it here!
* Sellers: Customer backout last minute? Encountered 'puke blood' situation but still need to service your customer with a smile? Just mail in and shout!!

True or False? Defnewz and the readers endeavour to find out the truth about e-shopping for grouses.

Email us your story at today!

All buyers and sellers are welcome to send in your emails. Should the need arises, these emails will be moderated.

Regards negative emails sent in on a particular e-shop or a customer, the said email would be forwarded to the respective party for clarifications and he / she will be given a grant period of 7 days to clarify. Should the respective party fail to respond within the granted period, the email will be published on "The Truth" in

** Please note that not all stories will be published if the emails are deemed irrelevant, unsuitable or too many similar stories.
** By publishing an email does not indicate that we support any allegations contained within. We also reserve the right to remove any post due to confidential reasons that shall not be revealed.


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