Mystery Giveaway from Defnewz!

With heavy sorrowful hearts, Defnewz would like to apologize that we are taking a few weeks hiatus due to heavy work load and other commitments.

And guess what? We are back now!! And... and... we are back with mystery giveaway that worth RM29 - RM39 to all of you out there!

What do you need to do to win our giveaway? It's simple!
1. Be our follower and join our mailing list.
2. Leave us your comment about Defnewz with your email address.
3. Winner will be picked based on the best comment given about Defnewz and get notified by email.
4. Good luck and have fun!

Do spread the news to your friends and have fun!

Mystery giveaway from Defnewz
will end on
31 July 2010, 12am sharp
winner will be notified by email ;)


Little-queen | 6.7.10

Let me be the first one to drop my comment regards Defnewz!

Well there's no better place to surf than, a place for Malaysian fashion and lifestyle =P

Do keep up the good works on posting more on the trends, tips and tricks of fashion!

My email -! Thanks!!

Defnewz | 7.7.10

Comment about Defnewz:
I think overall colors used are nice and comfortable.

Things i would suggest are:
1. A corner / discussion board / forum for buyer to ask for stuff they are looking for, then seller who has it could comment and tell them they has it. I think this is very useful and efficient for customer as well as seller to get business.
2. More organized webpage, i think u can be more organized by putting different category with border, and tabs that are able to bring us to the category, instead of too many words in 1 page. i'm not sure about other people, but for me, i see pictures is faster than words, i'm easily attracted to picture and get the meaning easily, instead of words.
These are my few cents, hope it helps.

* By Grazioso through email in *

Misz Daia | 7.7.10


Agree with Grazioso.
And also, u can add shopping cart for them to buy.
More exciting and bright photos means more traffic as photos can attract people to come more often to your web page.
Highlight more for any sales and promotions.
Your web layout design just too simple but its still nice.. But can improve more.

Wish u all the best.
TQ :p

~dYaHaHa~ | 15.7.10

email :

How to improve ur blog? 1st, maybe u change ur blog template n background so that it will turn out more attractive. 2nd, organize more giveaway to promote ur blog with attractive prizes..will surely got more follower.surely!!! 3rd, adding more colourful grapfic n photos will surely upgrade ur blog to higher level with higher numbers of followers. 4th, update ur blog more frequent with exciting activity all over Malaysia, not only in that all the peeps outside KL will benifit this blog to the fullest.


pencari cinta | 15.7.10

email :

overall this is a nice blog......everything look organizable and not messy or crowded......but maybe u should add on colours bcos it quit look dull.......
to get more follower 2 ur blog....u should always do blogwalking and leave ur link to other blog.....invite them to come...
u can also organize some contest, lucky draw or giveaway like this to attract more blogger.....
gud luck 2 u.....
do pay me a visit....i'll add ur list to my sidebar and bloglist.....
happy blogging.....

nur | 18.7.10

your 16th follower

ur blog is fine..
but if more colours would be more interesting!

visit and follow me

nini cokelat celup2 | 19.7.10

Nice, interesting and informative content. Love the content. =)

my email:


mama zharfan | 22.7.10

simple, cool layout, user-friendly.
Unique content that keeps me hooked for hours just to surf one page after another..awesome!!!
anyway..there's always room for improvement - more latest fashion, sales update and interesting giveaways would be able to enhance the traffic and attract more regular readers and visitors!!


my email :

Ummu umar | 26.7.10

Im your 19th follower : ummu umar , aishah
My email :
My comment: agree with mama zharfan & pencari cinta..
And u can add sticky photo of sales and event for more costumer..good luck for ur business!

Ummu umar | 26.7.10
Have done spread the news to friends..
My opinion : do sticky note about this giveaway for more contestant!

anin | 27.7.10

wau..great job and congrats i should say 1st..its not that easy to organize an online shop i guess... need to be creative and interactive

however, to give more impact to yr blog some things need to be improved..
1. the lay out-- it will be much much more interctive if it is fill with colours or maybe u can have one base colour?
2. be creative on the header and also the banner-- attraction
and first impression is important
3. featured ur best seller product at the that thefuture buyer will attract easily- no need to look at page by page
4. put some testimonial at yr sidebar instead of having it at the page ..
5. i love the beautiful.. may b u can include ur customer's pictuure?

anyway any how.. all da best dear

Em's Family | 31.7.10


before i go too far, let me give you my email address

Ok here is my two cents...
Overall i love the layout presentation, it is properly organized. Some blogshop is putting too much cosmetic which make that blogshop too crowded and could not focus on the products.. but you dont.. :) good job..

You certainly know what customers are looking for, and the LABEL is helping the customer to directly browse to the item wanted..


It would be better if you place a testimonial from your customer in this blog, this will help you to gain a trust from your potential customer.

Secondly, perhaps you want to build a chat, or a survey, things what the customers are looking for

Third.. put the promotion items on top of the blog, or if dont have promotion, best buy item :)

and maybe to increase the traffic, to organize more simple giveaway :)

thats all..

deb | 31.7.10
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Defnewz | 3.8.10

Who won the mystery giveaway from Defnewz?

Drum roll please...

The winners are:

Congratulation! All winners will be contacted individually via email for the prize redemption.



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